Manufacture of fixtures, equipment and greifers for robots

This is a project where our employees are involved in the production of fixtures, equipment and grippers for robots in the production hall with the assembly area of 1420 m2.

This contract is carried out by LUMACO CZECH, where 4 to 7 employees are employed throughout the year and are supplemented, if necessary, by employees of Lumaco s.r.o. Currently there are 7 employees of LUMACO CZECH and 8 employees of LUMACO s.r.o. working in the project. All employees are equipped with the necessary tools for complete assembly. Our employees carry out mechanical assembly of fixtures, equipment and grippers for the automotive industry as well as the installation of pneumatic logic on the equipment and electrical installation. It is a highly skilled job when workers assemble a particular type of gripper according to 3D visualization, then the gripper is moved for measurement where individual components are measured to meet customer´s requirements. The project also includes assembling of components for stations and lines for the automotive industry and feeding devices for robotic workplaces. Furthermore, the personnel produces, assembles and adjusts welding and measuring devices.


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