Disassembly and re-assembly of production line

This is a two-stage project where our staff carries out the dismantling of the production line, which was in the test operation in Helibronn and subsequent remounting at the Stuttgart plant. In the second phase, our staff carries out the mechanical assembly of 6 lines (rear bonnet, front bonnet, left door, right door, roof, side panel) in the Stuttgart automotive plant. The contract is carried out by LUMACO s.r.o. where 4 to 8 employees work for 4 months as needed. Currently there are 4 mechanicians working there, who have the necessary tools for assembly: welding machine, core drill, load-bearing magnets, forklift trucks, bridge crane, hand crane, etc.

Our employees carry out mechanical assembly of lines consisting of different constructions, equipment and robots for the automotive industry as well as installation of pneumatic logic on the equipment. This is a highly qualified job because it is necessary to install the components with great precision according to strict standards and requirements of the customer.



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