Industrial park LUMACO Čadca
  • Design and construction
  • 3D measurement and scanning
  • Production of grippers
  • Production of conveyors
  • Production of fixtures for automated lines
  • Production of welding pliers
  • Production of single-purpose machines
  • Production of service platforms
  • Production, assembly and revision of electrical switchboards

Design and construction work

  • Development and projection of machine parts and components for the automotive industry, transport systems and engineering (using CAD systems)
  • Design of 2D and 3D solutions
  • Digitization of drawings and projects
  • Designs in CATIA V5 R25 and Autodesk Inventor 2016 – 2019 systems

3D measurement and scanning

  •   Measurement and scanning activities using most advanced technologies

Production of conveyors

  • Mechanical conveyors:
    – driven (roller, belt, chain, modular)
    – unpowered (roller)
  •  Conveyors using kinetic energy (roller – storage)
  • Hydraulic conveyors (conveyors on lifting platform)

Production of fixtures for automotive lines

  • Welding fixtures
  • Assembly fixtures
  • Laser stations
  • Turn tables
  • Production of welding pliers
  • Production and assembly of welding pliers based on production documentation provided by customer

Production of grippers

Production and assembly workplaces are occupied by qualified and technically skilled personnel carrying out the assembly in modern workplaces (via computers in 3D environment as well as electronic drawings).

Production of one-purpose machines

We produce various handling fixtures for automotive industry (e.g. LCA trucks, gravity tanks)

Production of service platforms

The service platform is used for maintenance and repair of equipment in exposed areas where standard mobile platforms, scaffolding or cranes can´t be used. The main benefits include efficiency of service time in automotive lines, simple and fast assembly. The range of the service platform can be specified freely according to the need (modification for different type of platforms). The complete assembly period is about 10 minutes.

Production, installation and revisions of electrical switchboards

Our company provides complete assembly of electrical switchboards according to the customer´s requirements. If required, we can implement adjustments and draw them into electrical schemes. We have long-term contracts with major suppliers of installation material, which provides us with the best prices on the market. We also carry out revisions and repairs of electrical equipment.