Privacy Policy

Information regarding personal data handling

Rules of personal protection

  1. Identification data of the Operator
    The Operator of personal data is LUMACO, s.r.o. Potočná street 2742, 022 01 Čadca, Business Identification Number 36 748 293, registered in the Commercial registry of the County court in Žilina, Section Sa, File No. 18716/L (hereinafter „LUMACO“),
  2. Personal data handling for individual purposes:Fulfillment of Legal requirements by LUMACO
    LUMACO handles personal data with purpose to fulfill legal requirements.

    The legal base of handling is the art. 6, sec. 1, item c) of the GDPR Directive (i.e. Accountancy Act, Value Added Tax Act, Income Tax Act, Costumer Protection Act, Archives and Registry Act). Personal data handling is inevitable to fulfill basic legal obligations by LUMACO.

    Following persons receives personal data:
    –    tax advisors, auditors, courts and bodies of public administration defined as operators.
    Personal data are handled within the period defined by respective legal act (Archives and Registries Act No. 395/2002 Coll.)

  3. Rights of Affected person
    Affected person has following rights in relation to his/her personal data handling:

    –    right to request the access to his/her personal data by the operator,
    –    right to correct personal data in relation to affected person,
    –    right to erase personal data of the affected person,
    –    right to limit handling of personal data which are in relation to affected person,
    –    right to appeal against handling with personal data which are in relation to affected person,
    –    right to transferability of personal data which are in relation to affected person,
    –    right to file the Proposal to start procedure according to § 100 of the Personal Protection Act No. 18/2018 Coll. in the case if he/she thinks that his/her personal data are handled unjustly or unlawfully i.e. breaching GDPR Directive or respective legal regulations. The proposal has to be filled to the Personal Data Protection Office having its seat in Bratislava on Hraničná st. No. 27, Slovakia or to directly contact the Office using its www site

    The affected person could execute these rights by contacting LUMACO as follows:
    a)    in writing by sending a letter to the address of the seat of the company,
    b)    electronically by sending e-mail or
    c)    via phone on above-mentioned phone number + 421 41 290 1721

Respective legal regulations:

Respective legal regulation is preferably GDPR Directive, applicable Personal Data Protection Act in effective wording and other applicable generally binding legal regulations.